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Can rads be installed at a later date?

Hi. I am renovating a house that needs the existing 5 yr old combi boiler moving and new plastic pipework (currently old one pipe system and I threw old rads away). I’d like this done soon as the floors are up so great access for new pipework. However, the walls won’t be plastered for some time yet so I’m not ready to have rads installed. Is it possible for a gas engineer/plumber to move the boiler and run the new pipework so the floors can go back down without the rads being in place? I’m not living in property yet so don’t need heat (but hot water would be great). Many thanks to anyone that has any advice.



Yes, you can absolutely have the pipework installed for your radiators at an earlier date than the radiators themselves. This is a common scenario during renovations where access to flooring and walls might be easier at certain stages.

Having the plumber install the pipework now will allow you to:

  • Put the floors back down without needing to worry about them being damaged later during radiator installation.
  • Still benefit from hot water from your combi boiler.

Just let the plumber know that you won’t be installing the radiators immediately and they can adjust their installation process accordingly. This might involve leaving the pipe ends capped off to prevent debris from entering the system.

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