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Loud gurgling kitchen sink

Sink gurgles very loud when washing machine is on and happens every minute or so. Shouldn’t be a blockage as only moved in six months ago. Anything I can do to fix it? Sometimes gets bangs when turning the taps on too.



There could be a few potential causes for the loud gurgling sounds coming from your kitchen sink when the washing machine is running:

1. Venting issue – If there is a problem with the venting system for the drain pipes, it can cause gurgling noises as air gets sucked in and pushed out of the pipes. This is often caused by a blocked or improper vent pipe.

2. Partial clog – Even without a full blockage, a buildup of debris, hair, grease etc. in the pipes can cause irregular flow and gurgling.

3. Washing machine draining back up – The gurgling may be from wastewater from the washing machine backing up slightly into the kitchen sink drain when the washing machine pump is running.

Here are some things you can try:

– Check that any sink air vents on the roof are cleared of obstructions like leaves, nests etc.

– Use a drain cleaner product or a plumber’s snake to clear out any gunk buildup in the pipes under the sink.

– Make sure the washing machine drain hose is properly secured in the standpipe or wall drain to prevent back flow.

– Clean out the washing machine drain pump filter of any built up debris.

If these basic measures don’t resolve it, you may need to have a plumber inspect for things like a partially collapsed pipe section or improperly vented/installed plumbing that is causing the gurgling and air bubbles. Let me know if the issue persists after trying those tips.


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