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What to do if plumber broke boiler

What to do if a plumber broke my boiler, can I claim on his liability? After chasing some water pipes and radiator pipes, he spent 30-40 mins upstairs fiddling with the boiler, there was banging on and off. He came down and asked if I was having issues with it and I advised I wasn’t, It was working perfectly fine before he came. He then has a look at the meter fiddles with it and heads back to the boiler. They then rush downstairs and said it’s back on and made such a swift exit, he didn’t even get paid. He obviously knew he had broken the boiler and didn’t want to take any responsibility. Less than 2 hours later, water was pouring through my kitchen ceiling, from several broken pipes from the boiler. I messaged him and asked expected, he went into full denial mode. Even stated he never touched the boiler or the pipes, flat out lied and told me to just turn off my water and he might come around tomorrow to check it. The pressure was to maximum and the water was just spitting out and he advised he never touched the boiler just topped up the pressure. I’ve never heard from him again, until I left my review and he text week calling me a liar and still denying he touched my boiler. He never sent his bank details for payment and never came back. Left me with no heating, no hot water, flooded kitchen and a broken boiler!



I’m sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation with the plumber breaking your boiler and causing water damage. Here are some steps you can consider taking:

1. Document everything: Take photos and videos of the damage caused by the water leak, any visible damage to the boiler itself, and any communications you’ve had with the plumber. Keep a record of all expenses incurred for repairs.

2. Contact your home insurance provider: Explain the situation and find out if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers accidental damage caused by a contractor. They may be able to assist with the costs of repairing the boiler and water damage.

3. Send a formal letter/email: Write to the plumber and their company (if applicable), detailing what happened, the damages caused, and hold them liable for the costs of repairs. Include evidence like photos/videos and quote estimates for the repairs from other plumbers.

4. Threaten legal action: If the plumber refuses to take responsibility, you may need to threaten legal action through small claims court to recover the costs. Consulting a local legal expert can guide you on the process.

5. Leave accurate online reviews: Warn others about your experience by leaving honest reviews about the plumber’s poor workmanship and lack of accountability on trusted review sites.

6. Report to relevant authorities: You can report the plumber’s unethical behavior to consumer protection agencies or trade organizations that regulate plumbers in your area.

The key is to gather solid evidence, communicate formally holding them liable, and be prepared to take legal action if the plumber refuses to compensate you for the damages their negligence caused. Remain professional and persistent in your communications.

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