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Renovation and Remodeling

Are you tired of your outdated kitchen and looking for a much-needed makeover? Whether you want new cabinets, a tall unit or a bespoke whole kitchen, or if you need to give your walls a facelift to bring them into the 21st century, we’ve got you covered. You may be considering switching from paint to wallpaper, or vice versa. Whatever your requirements are, our skilled workers can provide the top-notch kitchen work you’ve always desired.

We have a team of expert builders, plumbers, electricians and joinery professionals with 2 decades of experience so you will get the best quality kitchen renovation and remodelling in London. Smart Designs Constructors Ltd. can do whatever your kitchen needs! We can guarantee you qualitative and skilled renovation works carried out to the highest of standards, without you being stuck in clutter for weeks on end.

kitchen renovation and remodeling London

What is kitchen

Renovation & remodelling?

Kitchen renovation and remodelling can involve various tasks such as: — Replacing parts of the kitchen,

  • Adding new extensions to enlarge the kitchen space,
  • Changing the plumbing and adding new powerpoints for extra appliances.
  • It can also be done to extend the life of the kitchen itself.

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t always require drastic measures. By replacing only a few parts, you can achieve a completely new kitchen look at a fraction of the cost of a complete rebuild.

Modern kitchen with sleek design

Which parts should

You renovate or remodel?

That depends on the condition of your kitchen and your own needs and wishes. Our most popular kitchen renovation work involves the renewing or replacement of kitchen cabinets, tool units, replumbing, and changing the sink. It may be simple, but it makes an enormous difference.

You can adjust various things to extend the life of your kitchen and make it beautiful. Things such as: replacing your cabinet and drawer handles, giving the kitchen doors a new look by means of a new coat of paint, or replacing the kitchen doors. Maybe your kitchen cabinets are worn out or broken? In that case, we can replace the parts with no problem.

Stylish kitchen with ample storage

What we do also

to your kitchen


Splashbacks, also known as the back wall, complete the look of your kitchen. The function of splashbacks is to assist with cleaning up after cooking by providing an aesthetic “wall” that’s simple to wipe clean after. We can help you choose the right splashback for your kitchen so that it blends effortlessly with the interior you choose.

Expansion of kitchen

In addition to renovating your kitchen, we can also renovate the walls or even carry out an extension. You can choose to wallpaper the walls or give them a new coat of paint. You can choose to install new walls or perhaps expand existing ones. As far as the floor of your kitchen goes, you can choose between installing underfloor heating, fitting new tiles, or even renovating part of the existing floor and giving it a makeover. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you with whichever route you decide to go with. 

Fully new build

We offer a wide range of kitchen renovation services, including complete kitchen space design and renovation. While we specialize in creating bespoke kitchens that cater to your specific preferences, we can also provide you with a ready-made kitchen (from Houden kitchens, Rain kitchens, or even IKEA ) if that suits your needs better. It’s worth noting that while a ready-made kitchen may be more affordable, there is a significant difference in quality and attention to detail when compared to a custom-made kitchen.

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