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7 Creative Loft Conversion Ideas for Maximum Space

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Have you got an unused attic or top floor that could be transformed into an exciting new space? Loft conversions can be a wonderful way to create extra storage, leisure and living area without having to move house. Take a look at these inspiring ideas for loft conversions and get creative!

Lounge: Transform your loft into a cosy space to entertain family and friends.

When converting a loft, one great option is to transform this space into a perfect place to entertain. Install comfortable seating and some subdued lighting in order to create a cosy atmosphere. You could hang colourful artwork or use wallpapers with interesting patterns on the walls in order to bring life to the room. Invest in quality furniture and don’t forget details like coffee tables, rugs, textiles and plants that can really make the room come alive!

Home Office: Create a comfortable and inspiring environment for your work projects.

Having a home office is great for improving your productivity levels and creating a dedicated space just for work. With a loft conversion, you can make the most use of the second level in your home to turn it into an inspiring office environment with plenty of room for storage. Put together a combination of desks and shelves, add some comfortable chairs and light up the area with bright desk lamps. Make sure to add plants, artwork or unique pieces that will keep your creative juices flowing!

Cinema Room: Enjoy watching your favourite movies with family and friends in the comfort of your own home.

With a loft conversion, you can create a dedicated cinema room that is perfect for movie night. Invest in some quality theatre seating and add large screens and projectors for your entertainment needs. Set the mood with dark wall colours and strategically placed lighting to provide a room that will thrill all your family and friends. Surround sound systems can also be installed so everyone can experience the full impact of their favourite movies!

Bedroom Suite: Turn your loft into an extra bedroom suite and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Transform your loft into an extra bedroom with a few basic changes. Invest in some quality furniture like a wardrobe and vanity that matches the existing scheme of the room. Install a cosy bed complete with plush pillows, warm blankets, and maybe even some reading lights if you desire. Don’t forget to finish off the look by placing a comfortable rug or carpet to really tie it all together!

Kids Play Area: Give your children special areas for creative playtime and fun activities within their own designated space.

If you’re looking to convert your loft area into an area for your children, consider a kid’s playhouse. This unique conversion is perfect for any age with plenty of shelves and storage for toys, books, games, and other fun items. Get creative by painting the walls with chalkboard paint or wall decals that make the playroom exciting and imaginative. Also pick out furniture specifically designed with your child’s preferences in mind such as bean bag chairs, kid-sized tables and chairs, or even special gaming systems like Xbox One that can be mounted right onto the wall.