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structure Installation in London by Master Builders Smart Designs Constructors

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Smart Designs Constructors, a team of experienced Master Builders with over 22 years of expertise, recently completed a structural installation project in London that involved demolishing an existing chimney, installing a new support beam, and adding a plate to bear the load of the rebuilt chimney.

Chimney Demolition

The first step was to safely demolish the existing brick chimney that ran through the centre of the house. The chimney was no longer functioning properly and needed to be completely removed to make way for the new structural supports. The Master Builders at Smart Designs Constructors utilized proper protective equipment and techniques to carefully disassemble the chimney brick by brick. The team took precautions to contain any dust and debris during the demolition process.

Structural Beam Installation

With the old chimney removed, the Smart Designs Constructors team could begin installing the new structural supports. They hoisted a strong steel I-beam into place above the window where the chimney had previously been located in London. This beam was securely fastened in place with brackets anchored to the frame of the house. The high-quality beam provides reinforcement to carry the load across the span of the house’s width.

Chimney Support Plate

In addition to the I-beam above the window, the Master Builders also installed an 18-inch square steel plate anchored securely into the wall studs. This structural plate now bears the weight of the rebuilt chimney above. The old chimney was rebuilt brick by brick on top of the sturdy support plate.

As experienced structural installation professionals, Smart Designs Constructors delivered excellent results. The owners are pleased to have a secure, reinforced chimney and beam that will last for decades. For any chimney, reinforcement, or structure project in London, the Master Builders at Smart Designs Constructors have the expertise to complete it right.

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