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Basement renovation job in Hammersmith, London

Smart Designs Constructors Ltd Project in Hammersmith, London. The project was conducted as follows:


  • The removal of furniture and rubbish was done, as well as the dismantling of existing fittings, partitions, wood flooring, and a toilet. In addition to ordering joinery work, we ordered a marble bar top and started production.

  • Our team installed tile flooring and installed partitions in the bedroom, bathroom, new open bar room, and living room. Throughout the project, we installed new wall supports and drywall in all rooms, as well as waterproofing the bathroom.

  • Plumbing work was done in the bathroom and radiators in Phase 1. False ceiling installation in the living room and hallway was carried out, along with cable layout for electrical work in all rooms. In addition, our team plastered all rooms and installed wall tiles in the bathroom with access to the existing drainage system.

  • We fitted bathroom facilities such as the toilet, shower tray, shower panel, shower, sink unit, and tap, as well as the bar. Painting in the bathroom was taken care of, along with the installation of joinery storage and all electrical items (wall/ceiling, indoor/outdoor). Rubbish clearance was done and we ensured remedial works.

  • Our team installed the ventilation system in the living room, including changing the extractor fans into ducts. They split the system into two outlets at the front of the property and replaced the pipes in the kitchen, shower room, and tank area.

  • Our professional painters have done all outdoor and sealing work as follows: 10 windows: sealing, filling + 2 coats of paint, balcony French door: filling + 2 coats of paint, balcony floor: filling cracks + 2 coats of paint, house front around the windows: filling + 2 coats of paint.