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How can you give your small kitchen a new awesome look? BEST SMALL KITCHEN RENOVATIONS IDEAS

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When renovating your small kitchen, there are plenty of ideas you can implement to make it look amazing. Kitchen remodelling isn’t just for people with large kitchens, as you might think. When it comes to remodelling a small kitchen, there are some advantages. There are several reasons for this, including its size. The cost of renovating this kitchen will be much lower than what you would spend on a larger one. If you still have questions, please contact Smart Designs Constructors Ltd. for all types of renovations and request a free estimate for your kitchen.

8 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Make It Look Bigger


1- Bring In Mirrors:

Spaces look larger when light-reflecting mirrors are used. Additionally, they add a sense of luxury and refinement to the room.

2- Minimize space:

There can be a lack of space in the kitchen. Getting rid of all the excess hardware is a good idea. The space will look neater and more accommodating this way. Here is an example of a basement renovation we did in West London.

3- Use the Wall Space

Since the kitchen space is small, make use of the wall space. You can install shelves on the walls. The same can be done for the cabinets. These will make the room appear bigger.

4- Substitute Solid Cabinet Doors With Glass

Use glass panels on the cabinet doors. Through these transparent glasses, one will be able to see through the cabinet. As a result, the kitchen will appear more prominent. Your kitchen and home will be more valuable as a result.

5- Same colour for walls and cabinets

Give similar paint to both the cabinet and the wall. When this is done, visual boundaries are eliminated. It is advisable to use bright colours on the walls of a small kitchen. This will also make the room look bigger.

6- Install Open Shelves

The open shelves will open the storage spaces in the kitchen. It also makes the kitchen look brighter as there is no hindrance to light. It is also cost-effective and straightforward. This will surely attract potential home buyers.

7- Try to get Natural Lighting

Natural light effectively opens up your kitchen space. You can achieve this by increasing the window sizes. With a bright colour on the walls, the light reflection will automatically make the room look bigger and more attractive.

8- Open Kitchen Floor Plans

Open kitchen floor plans are very common these days. At times, they are half walls connected to the breakfast area. This is one of the best solution to limited space. It grants extra space and makes the room appear bigger.