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Home Extension Ideas in London

You may need a home extension if you want a bigger kitchen, a more luxurious bathroom, or just more space for your growing family. Our expert team can help you create a functional and striking space that will transform your home. At Smart Designs Constructors Ltd., we’re London’s top home extension specialists. It is not…

You may need a home extension if you want a bigger kitchen, a more luxurious bathroom, or just more space for your growing family. Our expert team can help you create a functional and striking space that will transform your home. At Smart Designs Constructors Ltd., we’re London’s top home extension specialists.

It is not only beneficial to add space to your home and simplify your day-to-day life, but it is also a great way to add value to your property as well. Check out some of our home extension ideas below if you’re thinking about taking the leap.

What type of extension should I choose?

We often consider the external look and feel when discussing house or home extensions with our clients when they are looking to expand their property. First, the type of extension is determined, such as a wraparound, rear or side return extension, along with the type of roof, glazing, and cladding. When designing an extension, you have a number of options to choose from. Considering the type of home you own is a good place to start – is it a terraced or a detached house? Do you own a 1930s house or a period home? Following the decision to use permitted development rights or to apply for planning permission, the next step is to decide whether to build within your allowed development rights. You must submit your design and plans to the local planning department if you live in a conservation area or a listed building.

Most typical designs of house extensions

House extension

The exterior of your extension

Our most commonly requested home and kitchen extensions are the three above.  Depending on the shape of the extension, there are a number of glazing, roofing, and cladding styles to choose from. Choosing the right doors and windows for your home extension is easy when you work with our company.

Extension doors

house extension

Bi-folding doors are a popular choice for clients. A bi-fold door allows your outdoor space to become part of your new extension in the summer. Consider sliding doors for your house extension design if you are looking for a style that allows maximum light in.  As with the sliding doors, these are easy to open and close, however, they are only worthwhile for large extensions since one panel must remain stationary.

Reconfiguring your existing living space

Consider reconfiguring the existing footprint of your home if you don’t have any extra space to extend into. The reconfiguration of your home can help you take advantage of the space that you have as well as make better use of natural lighting so that your home appears and feels bigger.

Previous Smart Designs Constructors Ltd. clients have added and removed internal walls and doorways, as well as totally repositioned the central hallway of their homes. This is to make efficient use of all main rooms.

We can help you think about the current relationship between key spaces in your home (for example, is the dining room close enough to the kitchen?), and consider how you can make your external access work better for you whilst still making the most of the views on offer and maintaining your privacy.

Extend your kitchen

Why not make your kitchen a multi-functional area where you and your family can cook, eat, and relax together?

We at Smart Designs Constructors Ltd have transformed kitchens in every way you can think of: from adding bi-folding doors to create a seamless flow between the inside and outside of the kitchen to separating out the living and eating areas of larger properties, and even expanding the property to include luxury sunrooms perfect for growing families.

  • In planning your new kitchen extension, you may want to consider the layout of the space first when planning it with your architect. The following are important factors to consider:
  • Are you planning to install a new kitchen? In that case, what will be the rough design and layout of the kitchen?
  • Think about adding a utility room or pantry to the extension. Builders can easily stud partition off a section of your new extension to house areas such as these at this time.
  • Is a seating area or open-plan living room something you’re interested in adding to the space? In order to plan where to place the kitchen, you should consider this at this stage.
  • Lighting is also an important aspect of your design. How long will your kitchen island be and what kind of pendant lighting will you need?
  • The use of exposed brick walls is very popular when it comes to kitchen or house extension designs, and planning this, in the beginning, can be a much more cost-effective strategy

The majority of our clients are looking to create an open-plan family-friendly space. Wrap-around kitchen extensions are the best option for creating a stunning kitchen diner (if you have space at the side of your house). If you love entertaining or if you have a large family, you will need to divide your open-plan space into zones. Typically, this type of space consists of three zones – the kitchen, the seating area, and the dining area. There are several ways to divide these areas.

Island and peninsula kitchens

Different types of flooring should be used for different zones. One of our clients sectioned off their dining area with a carpet square

  • Furniture – you can use large pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables or bookcases to divide the space
  • Glazing – if budget permits you can use glazing to separate space while still creating a sense of space

By adding an extension to your home, you can also install more efficient heating methods – such as vertical radiators, which use less wall space, or under-floor heating – as well as better insulation and windows.

Make sure you check out our kitchen extension ideas if you want a bright and stylish kitchen that’s both airy in summer and cosy at Christmas.

Skylights and glazing

An extension’s success depends on introducing more natural light, which is one of the key ingredients in a successful design. We have the best tips and tricks to help you brighten up your London home – from shrewdly placed skylights to beautiful bi-folding doors and picture windows. As a result of the energy-efficient glazing we use, your home should stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Alternatively, we can install Crittall windows if you have an older property.

Most clients struggle with maintaining privacy when they want to allow more light into their homes. Our experts at SDC Ltd. can assist you with the best opaque glazing options for your home, so you can enjoy every minute of daylight without bothering your neighbours. The most traditional options include stained glass, stained glass blocks, acid-etched glass, or sandblasted glass.

Utility room and bathroom extensions

After a long day at work, nothing is worse than coming home to piles of laundry scattered throughout the kitchen, so it’s no wonder more and more SDC Ltd. clients are opting to add a utility room to their homes. Big or small, our team of experts can work with your space to create a designated area for the likes of washers and dryers, or to store larger items that can clutter up the kitchen – so you can keep the chores of real-life hidden away, at least for the evening.

Similarly, bathrooms can quickly run out of space. Whether you are remodelling your bathroom or adding contemporary storage options, our experts can help you achieve that luxurious hotel bathroom feel every day.

Indoor-outdoor space

With a rear extension, you can convert your garden into another room in your home. In addition to making your inside space feel larger, indoor-outdoor spaces can add value to your home. By adding a rear extension to your house, you can create a seamless flow into your garden by installing wall-to-wall bi-folding doors. On a warm day, you can throw open the doors, enjoy the fresh air, and dine alfresco. Install some outdoor furniture on a terrace or patio to create a feeling of flow. Creating a covered outdoor room is another trend that is gaining traction. With SDC Ltd., you can include this in your extension design.

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