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Top 10 Options For the Perfect Garage Conversion London

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If you have an unused garage, why not put it to use and make the most of the extra space? Whether for added storage or an extra living area, a garage conversion can be the perfect solution. Here are 10 ideas that will help you transform it into something special.

Dedicated Home Office Space.

Transforming your garage into an office space is a great way to add a dedicated workspace to your home. Creating a productive, professional atmosphere doesn’t have to be hard; adding simple touches such as shelving and storage solutions, along with comfortable seating and good lighting can make all the difference. Investing in quality furniture paired with smart décor can create an attractive and inspiring work environment.

Kitchen Extension.

Bringing your kitchen into your garage can open up your home and create a great entertaining space. Installing modern appliances, cabinets and countertops, along with adding a comfortable seating area, is an ideal way to bring the whole family together. Light oak furniture complemented with white décor can create an inviting and warm atmosphere for both cooking and dining.

Entertaining Den Bar Setup.

Transform your garage into the perfect space for entertaining family and friends. Install a bar area where guests can mix drinks and enjoy the conversation. Add some ambient lighting and comfortable seating to create a relaxing atmosphere. For added entertainment, install wall-hung TVs or digital projectors for movie nights. A den bar setup can be the ideal remedy for a dull garage space.

Gym and Exercise Room.

A garage conversion can provide the perfect opportunity to create an exercise and gym room. Install shelving and shelves to hold exercise equipment, such as weights, treadmills, yoga mats, and boxing bags, while still leaving enough space for workouts. If you want to be really fancy, go all out and install a state-of-the-art sound system or large TV monitor to listen to music or watch workout videos while you sweat it out.