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Loud gurgling kitchen sink

Sink gurgles very loud when washing machine is on and happens every minute or so. Shouldn’t be a blockage as only moved in six months ago. Anything I can do to fix it? Sometimes gets bangs when turning the taps on too.


Answer :-

There are a few potential causes for a loud gurgling kitchen sink when the washing machine is running, and some things you can try to fix it: Venting issue The most common reason is an inadequate vent pipe for the drain system. When the washing machine drains, it creates negative air pressure in the pipes that can suck water out of the sink trap, causing that gurgling noise as air goes back in. Check that the vent pipe on the roof isn’t blocked or has any obstructions. Partial clog Even though you just moved in, there could be a partial clog or buildup of debris somewhere in the drain line that gets dislodged when water rushes through from the washing machine. Try using a drain snake or baking soda/vinegar to clear it. Improper drain pipe slope If the drain pipes under the sink don’t slope downward properly toward the main drain, the water can get trapped and gurgle when the washing machine forces more water through. High drain flow The banging noises when turning on taps could be water hammer from high water pressure. Installing air chambers or water hammer arrestors can reduce this. Things to try: Snake the kitchen sink drain all the way down to the main line Pour a drain cleaner down the sink to attempt to clear any clogs Ensure drain pipes are properly sloped under the sink Install a new air admittance valve on the sink drain pipe Adjust the washing machine drain hose to avoid major water flow when draining If these basic fixes don’t solve it, you may need a plumber to inspect the vent system and drain piping more thoroughly.

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