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Water tank not filling up, no water coming out of the hot water taps ?

.Hi so I’ve emptied the water tank to sort a pipe that runs the hot water, Now turned everything back on the tank in the loft is filling up but the tank for the hot water doesn’t seemed to be filling as there is no water flowing to the hot water taps? Just seeing what could be the problem? This question has already been posted and answered with the send cold water under pressure up the hot water tap, in my case, I have done this seveeral times without success, are there other ways to clear this issue? Cheers Further Update Left it overnight while I had a think about it, the plan was to see what my brain could figure out today and if nothing came good, call a plumber out. Well, first think this morning, turned on the hot tap in the kitchen, it’s working, the pressure does still seem to be a little less than it was but not massively so hey, I’m chalking this one up to a win. It was effecting all the hot water taps in the house so I thought I’d better give me a try, all taps now work, the one exception, the shower is trying to pump with no water at all and sounds terrible, i’m tempted to let it carry on screaming at me till it gets a hold of some water but probably not the best idea – it has hot and cold feed, works fine on cold but when I turn it to hot  within a few seconds its screaming again, Ideas? Cheers



It sounds like there may be an airlock or debris stuck in the hot water line leading to your shower. Here are a few suggestions that may help clear the issue:

  1. Check the shower valve cartridge Turn off the water supply lines to the shower, then remove the shower handle/trim plate and take out the valve cartridge. Check for any debris or mineral buildup stuck in the cartridge that could be blocking water flow on the hot side. Clean out the cartridge and reassemble.
  2. Remove the showerhead Unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm. Sometimes debris can get stuck right in the showerhead itself restricting flow. Check the showerhead for clogs and clean it out thoroughly.
  3. Flush the hot water line Turn off the cold water supply to the shower valve. Then disconnect the hot water supply line from the valve. Place the end of the line in a bucket and fully open the hot water shut-off valve to flush the line at full pressure. Let it run for several minutes to clear out any potential air pockets or debris.
  4. Check for closed shut-off valve Double check that there isn’t an overlooked shut-off valve for the hot water line feeding the shower that may be partially closed or stuck.

If those basic tips don’t resolve it, you may need to remove the shower valve completely to check for obstructions or have a plumber inspect with specialized equipment.

The good news is that the rest of your hot water system seems to be functioning now. Hopefully the shower issue can be an easy fix!

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