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Creaking noise from roof when windy, and intermittent cracking noise

New-build house 18 months old. When it is windy there is a creaking noise from around the edges of the roof area which is heard very distinctly in the bedrooms. The builder has brought in the roofing contractor who seems to have no idea what is causing it. They have decided to seal the joins in the roof lining membrane but I don’t this is the problem, although it does visibly ripple in windy conditions. Wondering if there are issues with the roof trusses which extend out over the external walls.

There are also intermittent cracking noises from the roof – is this due to normal settlement and drying out of roof timbers, and will it go in time.

I am wondering if we should get a structural engineer in to check that all has been built correctly.

Thanks for any advice.




The creaking noises and intermittent cracking sounds coming from the roof area of your new-build house are concerning and should be investigated thoroughly. Here are a few potential causes and recommendations:

1. Roof Truss Design and Installation Issues: The creaking noises could be caused by improper installation or design of the roof trusses, especially if they extend over the external walls. Improper bracing, undersized members, or incorrect spacing of trusses can lead to excessive movement and creaking during windy conditions.

2. Roof Sheathing and Fasteners: The cracking noises could be due to issues with the roof sheathing (plywood or OSB boards) or the nails/fasteners used to secure them. If the sheathing is not properly fastened or if there are gaps between the boards, it can lead to movement and cracking noises.

3. Roof Framing and Drying: As you mentioned, some of the cracking noises could be due to the normal settlement and drying out of roof timbers, particularly in a new construction. However, excessive cracking or creaking noises should not be dismissed as “normal.”

4. Wind Uplift and Roof Membrane: While the rippling roof lining membrane may contribute to the noises, it is unlikely to be the sole cause, especially if the noises are coming from the roof structure itself.

Given the age of the house and the severity of the noises you are experiencing, it would be advisable to bring in a structural engineer for a thorough evaluation. A professional structural engineer can inspect the roof framing, trusses, sheathing, and connections to identify any potential issues or deficiencies in the construction.

It is essential to address these issues promptly, as they may indicate more significant structural problems that could potentially worsen over time and compromise the integrity of the roof system.

If the structural engineer identifies any issues, they can provide recommendations for remedial work or reinforcement needed to resolve the problems and ensure the safety and longevity of your home.


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