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What order does everything happen in a bathroom refit?

I have a small ‘L’ shaped bathroom which I want to replace, as well as moving a stud wall back by about a foot to square off the room. I’m having a nightmare figuring out what order to do everything in so I can find the relevant tradesmen. Also, it’s our only bathroom so I want it to be out of use for as short a time as possible. It just seems like I need half a dozen different people which makes things very confusing for such a tiny room!

The jobs to do are:
– Remove tiles
– remove bathroom suite
– Replace window in external wall
– Install ventilation fan in external wall
– Move internal stud wall
– Plaster everything
– Install new suite
– Tile
– Install lights

What order should these jobs happen in, and who do I need to do them?



Here’s a suggested order for your bathroom renovation, along with the tradespeople typically involved:

  1. Remove tiles and bathroom suite: This can be done by a general laborer or a demolition contractor.
  2. Move internal stud wall: This should be done by a carpenter or a general contractor. They’ll need to ensure the new wall is properly framed and secure.
  3. Replace window and install ventilation fan in external wall: This is usually done by a window installer or a general contractor. The electrician will need to wire the fan before the wall is closed up.
  4. Rough-in plumbing and electrical: A plumber will need to install new water lines and drains for the new suite layout. An electrician will wire the new lights, fan, and any outlets. This step should be done before plastering.
  5. Plaster everything: A plasterer will come in and plaster the walls and ceiling once the framing, plumbing, and electrical are complete.
  6. Install new suite: A plumber will install the new toilet, sink, and bath or shower.
  7. Tile: A tiler will do the tile work on the walls and floor.
  8. Install lights and finish electrical: The electrician will return to install light fixtures and finish any remaining electrical work.
  9. Final touches: A general contractor or handyman can do things like install the toilet seat, shower curtain rod, mirrors, and other finishing touches.

To minimize the time your bathroom is out of commission, schedule the tradespeople so that one can start as soon as the previous one finishes. Many contractors can coordinate this for you. Consider discussing the schedule with them to ensure they can work within your timeline.

You might be able to find a general contractor who can manage the entire project and subcontract the specialized tasks (plumbing, electrical, tiling) as needed. This can streamline the process and reduce the time you’re without a bathroom.

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