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does the cooker hob need a extractor fan?

had a kitchen designer in and he said we didn’t need an extractor fan is that true?



No, it is generally recommended to have an extractor fan or range hood installed above a cooker hob/stove, even if a kitchen designer suggested otherwise. Here’s why an extractor fan is important:

  1. Removes cooking fumes, smoke, and odors – Cooking generates fumes, smoke, steam, and odors that can linger in the kitchen if not properly vented out. An extractor fan helps remove these efficiently.
  2. Improves indoor air quality – Without proper ventilation, cooking can release particulates, grease, and even carbon monoxide into the kitchen air that you breathe. An extractor removes these pollutants.
  3. Prevents grease buildup – Cooking grease and oil gets dispersed into the air and can settle on kitchen surfaces over time if not exhausted outside. Extractor fans capture grease before it has a chance to accumulate.
  4. Reduces moisture and condensation – The steam and humidity generated from cooking can lead to moisture problems and even mold growth without ventilation. Extractor fans whisk the moist air away.

There are some exceptions where an extractor may not be critical, like if you have an open kitchen with very high ceilings and excellent natural ventilation. But for most standard kitchens, building codes actually require some form of ventilation over cooking appliances.

I would strongly recommend having a proper extractor fan or range hood installed over your cooker hob. It vastly improves air quality, reduces cooking odors lingering, and helps prevent grease and moisture problems down the road. The benefits outweigh the investment.

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