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how to paint onto new plaster

Apparently I need to do a mist coat or 2 to seal the plaster. Have been told to use white watered down emulsion to do this. I have a full tin of magnolia matt paint lying around, can i use this or does it have to be white?



It’s generally recommended to use a white watered-down emulsion for the mist coat on new plaster, as it provides a more neutral base for your final paint color. However, if you already have a magnolia matt paint, you can still use it for the mist coat, with a few considerations:

  1. Magnolia is a slightly off-white color and may subtly affect the final paint color, especially if you plan to use a light or bright color. The effect may be minimal, but it’s worth keeping in mind.
  2. Ensure that the magnolia matt paint is water-based, as you will need to thin it down for the mist coat.
  3. To create the mist coat, mix the magnolia matt paint with water at a ratio of about 70% water to 30% paint. The consistency should be very thin and watery.
  4. Apply the mist coat evenly with a roller or brush, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next. You may need 2-3 mist coats to properly seal the plaster.
  5. Once the mist coats are complete and fully dry, you can proceed with painting your desired color over the top.

While using a white watered-down emulsion is the preferred method, using your magnolia matt paint for the mist coat should still work, as long as you follow the proper thinning and application process. Just be aware that it may slightly influence the final color.

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